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Schematics of 584-EVAL-ADM2587EEBZ Evaluation Board

Question asked by oscargomezf on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by oscargomezf

Hi everyone,

I've just received the Evaluation Board: EVAL-ADM2587EEBZ. But I was reviewing the datasheet UG-044 and it seems to be that it doesn't match the jumper's name in the EVB with the jumper's name in the schematic.
Jumper's name in the EVB:
LK1(A, B).
LK2(A, B, C).
LK3(A, B, C).
LK6 and LK5.
And jumper's name in the datasheet UG-044:
LK6(A, B, C)
LK1(A, B, C)
LK9(A, B, C)
LK7 and LK5.
Could anyone tell me where I can find the correct schematic please?
Best regards,
Oscar Gomez Fuente.