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Using the ADSP-21469, how do I tell if a LINK port DMA is active?

Question asked by NathanCrow on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by NathanCrow

I want to know if a there is a current Link port DMA transfer (or a series of chained transfers) pending before a start a new DMA transfer.  


Do I poll the DMACH_IRPT, the EXTTXFR_DONE, or the LPBS?


After I have started a Link port DMA transfer, what do I poll to know that the transfer is complete?


On previous SHARCs I would do the following before starting a new transfer:


while ((*(volatile unsigned *) DMASTAT & (DMA8ST|DMA8CHST)) != 0) {} //wait for DMA (8) not to be active


What is the equivalent for the ADSP-21469?