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AD9371 on ZCU102: Problem with transceiver

Question asked by dboyan on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Vinod


I'm trying to use AD9371 on our zcu102 boards. The design was mainly based on that of 2016_r2 branch, but I imported the config for zcu102 production silicon from dev branch. The project was also moved to vivado 2016.4. The only problem I'm facing now is the configuration of util_adxcvr.

I changed CONFIG.XCVR_TYPE to 2 and CONFIG.QPLL_FBDIV to 80 of the util_adxcvr core, and I have verified that it is correct for the default configuration. On no-os code side, I commented out the dynamic configuration part of xcvr cores since it isn't supported on ultrascale yet. However, I got the following output when running the no-os demo:

Please wait...
MCS successful
CLKPLL locked
AD9371 ARM version 4.0.6
PLLs locked
Calibrations completed successfully
RX_XCVR initialization OK
TX_XCVR initialization OK
RX_OS_XCVR initialization OK
RxFramerStatus = 0x20
OrxFramerStatus = 0x20
DeframerStatus = 0x61
dac_setup dac core initialized (123 MHz).
adc_setup adc core initialized (61 MHz).

Two problems can be observed from above: status of framers and deframers are not correct; adc and dac cores are working at half of the expected rate.

Any ideas what I'm missing here?