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MEMS Switch at Audio Frequencies?

Question asked by Driz on Jul 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by ndhull

We have an audio product that requires an ultra-miniature switch or relay. It's an ultra-low-noise application, so must be an actual switch contact, not a CMOS or FET or other semiconductor junction which has a few uV of "off-state" broadband noise. I'm not familiar with MEMS switching. The key questions are:


1.) Can a MEMS switch operate in the audio frequencies with low THD (<.01%)?


2.) Can a MEMS switch handle 10Vpp audio signals? If not, what is the maximum AF signal level a MEMS switch can handle? 


3.) Does a MEMS switch have any residual noise in its off-state? Or is it truly a galvanic open and close (like a physical metal contact switch)?


4.) What is the maximum power handling capacity of a MEMS switch at audio frequencies and levels?


Thanks in advance!