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AD9375 Evaluation boards

Question asked by mehdi on Jul 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by Benetel_Allen


I am planning to buy an AD9375 evaluation board. I see there are two boards, namely ADRV-DPD1 and ADRV9375-N/PCBZ. The latter seems to have narrow tuning band (1.8GHz - 2.6GHz) but the price is half that of ADRV-DPD1.

I have a question and I would appreciate if someone could advise me so I could make a right decision which board to buy.


 Since AD9375 has a wide tuning range (300MHz - 6GHz), why its tuning range is limited to 1.8GHz - 2.6GHz on ADRV9375-N/PCBZ? would it be possible to configure the board to operate on other frequency bands?