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ADE7763 Active Power read data

Question asked by MikeR Employee on Jul 14, 2017
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We have a test stand which incorporates a three phase, 480V motor (a lathe) and have been able to monitor current voltage and active power.  We used the microcontroller to calculate apparent power since we were not able to obtain reasonable values from the ADE7763. 


When returning to our bench set up, voltage and current are fine, however active power has an issue.  The bench set up involves single phase 120V, and light bulbs as a load.   The active power registers all respond in a similar manor.  Raw data is provided:


Actual Watts                      Active power register (0x04)

58                                                           0x0D

131                                                         0x31

201                                                         0x39

228                                                         0x36

252                                                         0x32

291                                                         0x29


We have adjusted the gain registers, phase calibration register and several others.  We do not change any configuration bits between the 3-phase test stand and the single phase test stand.  The active power register works fine with the three phase test stand. 


Any thoughts?


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- Mike