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Refresh Calibration in Manual Mode

Question asked by sab123 on Jul 14, 2017
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I have two questions to finish my project. Would be glad if I can solve them


1) I would like to refresh calibration of ad9361(while in manual mode) in my code through calling Bash Script. I dont have ad9361 library. I am doing the following.


echo 0x14D 0xd > direct_reg_access(Set Alert State on)
//Change Frequency
echo 0x14 0x29 > direct_reg_access (Force Tx ON)
echo 0x13 0x1 direct_reg_access (Change ENSM to FDD)

//wait 1ms

echo 0x27D 0x04 > direct_reg_access (force tx to calibrate)


//wait 1ms


Will it force the tx to calibrate itself after switching to new frequency ? 


2) If I use the auto mode instead of the manual then I have a problem of peaks coming in my spectrum. Any idea from where they are coming from. 
The first picture attached is desired signal but just before it, the undesired signal with two peaks as shown in second picture appears. 
This problem is only in auto mode. Not in manual mode.