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EVAL-7327 VDRIVE PSU enable signal too low to enable?

Question asked by cubesolver on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by jcolao



I've got an EVAL-7327 board without the SDP board.  The SPI signals are configured to go via J7 to a microcontroller.  All the other jumpers are in their default positions.  With power on, the VDRIVE signal at the AD7327 is 0V, and looks like the enable signal on U741 is about 1.0V.  I think this signal needs to be a minimum of 1.2V to enable.  I am not getting any DOUT, and I think this VDRIVE level is a problem.  How do I get VDRIVE PSU going?


Why does the EVAL-7327 board have small 0-ohm resistors instead of jumpers for some of the configuration options?  There are lots of jumpers elsewhere on this board, and the small 0-ohm parts are hard to work with.