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BF537 - Microchip LAN8710 transceiver

Question asked by peter.clerico on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by VineethaThomas



A customer is completing his design which includes a BF537 managing a Microchip LAN8710A Ethernet transceiver.  He is experiencing issues which he believes are driver-related.


In a previous design, the BF537 managed the LAN83C185; since the EZKit for the BF537 included this transceiver, integration for it was well-documented.



- Is a VDSP driver available for this transceiver?  The customer is using version 5.1.2.

- Is there content available describing migration to the LAN8710A?  The customer is familiar with EE-315, but is still having difficulty making this work.


Thanks for any help.