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Composite video to RGB (SOG) video conversion

Question asked by Aamir on Jul 13, 2017
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i am looking for solution of my work, and since its completely video related therefore first thing in mind is Analog Devices. i am task to convert a PAL 25 fps video to RGsB(sysnc on green). Actually we have a color composite video source, and we need to use this analogue video data (PAL), and feed this video to our data analyzer/computer. Data analyzer/computer takes data in RGsB format (625lines, 25fps with sync on green). therefore if we connect composite video to G pin of our data analyzer, monochrome video appears. we need a complete color video, that is RGsB. 


Does Analog devices offer solution for this conversion. It is in my mind that some AD chip can convert my composite data to YCbCr, and then use this digital data in some another AD chip to transform into RGsB(SOG), i am not sure that this would work or not.


Any solution even with multiple ICs is most welcome. Really stuck in this issue, your help will be relief for me.




Aamir Akbar