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ADSP-215xx Linker_log and MAP File issue

Question asked by S@Tech on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by Kader.M

Hi Kader.M, walkercc, Harshit.Gaharwar, DaveThib

I have found issues in the linker_log.xml generated after successful build of my executable project in CCES 2.6.0:

The following input section(s) were excluded






And in the MAP file, code and data memory was not mapped to external memory (I'm using only Core1 of ADSP-21573)

MemoryStart AddressEnd AddressTypeQualifierWidthUsed wordsUnused words


I have used the standard .ldf file available in the CCES installation path.

L1 cache - 64 KB for Instruction, DM and PM cache size.

L2 and L3 default cache size.


I have customized the system Stack in L1 cahce and system Heap in L3 cache.


When I debug the Code in Functional Simulator, I get invalid fetch request while the following line in disassembly is executed : cjump (pc,__setup_heaps.)(db);


What can be the reason for these issues ?