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AD8655 parameters modeled?

Question asked by industrieel on Jul 13, 2017



I'm using ADIsimPE to model a circuit built around the AD8655 op-amp. Particularly I want to know if the model takes into account the input capacitance and input resistance of the device.


From the application note, I understood that the models provided by AD are encrypted. In the installation directory I believe to have found the models, which indeed are (except for a "header" file per device) not readable. The directory I'm referring to is  'C:\Program Files (x86)\ADIsimPE_800\support\models\'. 


This file contains a field (in the header) for the AD8655 called "Parameters modeled include:", but the field is not filled in. Hence, I can not derive from this whether the model includes the input capacitance and/or input resistance.


Could someone help me with finding this information?



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