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when using in Single End

Question asked by wallman16 on Jul 12, 2017
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Hi , 


I would like to know with regards for using AD9649 in Single End .


In differential mode  output will follow as described in Table 12 .


For Vref = 1V the input can range from on VIN+ or VIN- can range 0.4 - 1.4V (VIN+ - VIN- ) .With VCM set 0.9V .


I would like to know in case of single end with VCM set to 0.9V and Vin- set to 0.9V (Base on Comon mode range)with circuit similar to Figure 40.

VREF set to 1V , i would like to know if i can input range 0.1- 1.7 V  , Vin+ - Vin- = +/-0.8V.


I would like to if this configuration is possible .


Thanking you 

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