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Calculating Threshold Registers of ADE7880

Question asked by Abdullah_Ghamdi on Jul 12, 2017
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We are using ADE7880 and have a question regarding the value of the threshold registers (WTHR, VARTHR, VATHR). I read the datasheet and AN-1171 calibration document and found that the value of these three registers can all be calculated using the equation...



I understand all the parameters in the equation except the exponent 'n'. The description says...

Its value depends
on how much energy is assigned to one LSB of watt-hour registers.
Supposing a derivative of Wh [10n Wh], n as an integer, is
desired as one LSB of the xWATTHR register, WTHR is
computed using the following equation:


Could you please give me a real example of how to determine what value to use for 'n'?