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Adding additional DMA channels to AXI_AD9361 IP 

Question asked by hammerclavier on Jul 11, 2017
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I have a PicoZed SDR SOM2 board that has 3 instances of AXI_AD9361 IP in it, and one of the IPs IQ signals are routed to ARM via the DMA channels (adc and dac dam).

I'd like to add another set of DMA channels to the 2nd AD9361 with the hope that OSC software can see 4 IQ channels. I understand that I need to modify both the PL and the devicetree. For the PL side, I can see that I have to follow the procedure done in the pzsdr2_bd.tcl to instantiate the required components, i.e.







and connect them accordingly. I also need to add: 

ad_cpu_interconnect 0x7C440000 axi_ad9361_adc_dma_2            
ad_cpu_interconnect 0x7C460000 axi_ad9361_dac_dma_2


So 0x7C440000  is a valid address ? as long as I add the same in the devicetree. The same question for 0x7C440000 for dac_dma


It seems I also need to associate them with an AXI to PS with ad_mem_hp?_interconnect. So the question is whether I could use ad_mem_hp0_interconnect & ad_mem_hp3_interconnect that are not used? Currently  ad_mem_hp1_interconnect & ad_mem_hp2_interconnect been used.


It seems that I also need to associate them with and IRQ which currently set for ad_cpu_interrupt ps-13 & ad_cpu_interrupt ps-12. So the question is what IRQ to use for the new DMA channels? 


Please let me know if there's any other modification that I need to do for this purpose.  


mhennerich larsc