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AD9371 JESD204b

Question asked by ahtran on Jul 10, 2017
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Does the AD9371 support polarity inversion on the JESD204b lanes?  For example:

FPGA_MGTHTX0_P   ---------->   SERDIN0_N

FPGA_MGTHTX0_N   ---------->   SERDIN0_P

FPGA_MGTHTX1_P   ---------->   SERDIN1_P

FPGA_MGTHTX1_N   ---------->   SERDIN1_N

FPGA_MGTHTX2_P   ---------->   SERDIN2_N

FPGA_MGTHTX2_N   ---------->   SERDIN2_P


SERDOUT0_P   ---------->   FPGA_MGTHRX0_N

SERDOUT0_N   ---------->   FPGA_MGTHRX0_P



I read the UG-992 and it seem like polarity inversion is supported using the invertLanePolarity field, but just want to make sure that the hardware is actually supporting it.