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adsp-sc573 MAC only support RGMII or RMII?

Question asked by giant on Jul 9, 2017
    Now, adsp-sc57x, 58x ezkit board use gigabit PHY IC (DP83865 etc),     in 58x/57x datasheet,  its' MAC only support RGMII or RMII interface ,    it support MII phy chip?  
     In fact,  MII chip usage is popular and low cast,  and many application cases, the 100M network is ok.  the MAC of sc57x support MII interface? 
    now  we use sc573 to design a audio mixer product,  hope use DP83848 phy ( MII interface),  and the phy is cheap than DP83865,  but now the ethernet failed .   or ADI can suggest low cost PHY chip to us?
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