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select rxb input ad9361

Question asked by adfauser1 on Jul 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by adfauser1

Hi, at this website file:///C:/Projects/SpaceRadio/Datasheets/Radio%20Device/AD9361,%20AD9364%20and%20AD9363%20[Analog%20Devices%20Wiki].htm it shows a diagram of the ad9361.  We have several RF inputs and outputs in our design.  I am having trouble finding how you can set the RF input and output MUXs to select whether you are transmitting out TX1A or TX1B. Or how to select between RX1A, RX1B and RX1C.  I am using the no-OS ad9361 C code.

Also if we want to use channel 2 only ie one of RX2A, RX2B or RX2C or TX2A or TX2B can we send the baseband data to these only or do we need to include the I and Q data for channel 1 as well.  If we want 1R1T that uses channel 2 is that possible?  Or do we have to run channel 2 as 2R2T but ignore channel 1 and turn the attenuation down for the transmitter.  Or is there a way to select channel 2 only with another MUX.  Thanks.