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AD9361 no-OS driver memory leak

Question asked by cy92612 on Jul 8, 2017

We are using the AD9361 with the no-OS driver on a Xilinx w/ MicroBlaze FPGA on our custom board.  The reference clock is derived from a cable connection to the main box.  So far, things are working fine.  But, I need to support the situation where that cable is unplugged/re-plugged.  The board is still powered, but the reference clock will be disrupted.  For one thing, I noticed that the Multi-Chip Sync gets misaligned and can't recover.  I believe the best thing to do when the system detects a link change on the cable, is to re-run the ad9361_init() function.


The problem is that the driver does not seem designed to handle repeated calls to the ad9361_init() function.  The allocated memory blocks are never freed, and eventually you get a -ENOMEM return on one of the lower-level function calls.  I created a function to free the zmalloc'd memory that were previously allocated in ad9361_init(), but I'm not sure about the malloc'd memory in ad9361_clk_register() and register_clocks().  Don't these need to be free'd?  If so, how should I code that?


Chris Y