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AD8429 spice simulation error

Question asked by bruk on Oct 17, 2011
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I get an error when trying to simulate the AD8429 in spice.  Here's the error I get:


Questionable use of curly braces in "i§g11 0 vy value = {limit(1*v(vx,vy),.025,-.025)}"
    Error: undefined symbol in: "limit(1*[v](vx,vy),.025,-.025)"
Error on line 105 : i:x2:§g11 0«:0» x2:vy value =  (limit(1*v(x2:vx,x2:vy),.025,-.025))
  Unknown parameter "value"
Fatal Error: Missing current value for "x2:g11"


Please help.


Thank you,