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AD9361 drivers not showing under Linux sysfs

Question asked by mmilosavljevic on Jul 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by mmilosavljevic

Dear All,


I have a fully working image developed under 2014_r2 version. I am trying to port that design to the new version of Vivado 2016_r2. I have used the Linux image from the 2016_r2 branch. 


The system boots fine and i can see most of the things are mapped to memory correctly. However, the cf-ad9361-lpc and cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc do not appear under the sysfs in Linux. Here is the what is there. 


root@jay:~# ls /sys/bus/iio/devices/



So the SPI driver initialised correctly. I can see all the registers under the device0. But the other two do not appear. I dont think it is something to do with the HDL update i did (i took the existing design and removed the IPs that i dont need). 


NOTE: I used the same devicetree I had with the working image on 2014_r2 (btw the board is the same). I could use the same as peripheral addresses didnt change from 2014_r2 version. 


The output from the dmesg shows that the AD9361 SPI is initialised correctly but there is nothing after that about the other two (this is all there is ad9361 spi1.0: ad9361_probe : AD936x Rev 2 successfully initialized)


No any other messages in kernel and sys logs as well. 


And btw they appear here for example.


root@jay:~# ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/fpga-axi\@0 7c420000.dma   of_node    uevent  driver_override  power

7c400000.dma modalias   subsystem


Not sure what other info i can provide but could you please give any advice on what I should check/try, etc?