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Questions AD9371 in own design

Question asked by Rysler on Jul 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Benetel_Allen

Hello, we are desiging a board with the AD9371 and we have these questions:


  1. Related to the AD9371 itself; we are using the reference design ADRV9371-W_Schematic_RevB as a basis for the design; we notice that the reference clock(REFA pin) of the AD9528 is connected to a SMA connector to be feed using a waveform generator. What is the recommended way of driving this REFA input without using the waveform generator? Is an oscillator enough? Any recommended part number?
  2. Also related to the reference design of the AD9371, do you have any recommendation of part number for Y401 or Y402? Unfortunately Y403(populated in the eval board) is quite big and doesn’t fit in our board.
  3. Related the interaction between the AD9371 and the power supplies; Besides current consumption (which is documented on the User's guide) which are the constrains we have for the power supply design? (ripple voltage, tolerance, etc)?