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(ADV7482)Can ADV7482 output CVBS using MIPI-TXA 4lane?

Question asked by donadona999s on Jul 7, 2017
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Hi !


I have few questions about ADV7482.

As I asked at the past question, I tested that ADV7482 can output CVBS to MIPI-TXA 1Lane.

(ADV7482)The resistor setting to use CVBS to MIPI-4Lane. 


The SoC which our customer is using now have some problem.

The SoC sometime cannot receive data when it is using MIPI 2lane or 1lane.

So they want to receive MIPI with 4Lane.

And script which you gave me is MIPI 1lane.

So my questions are these.



Can ADV7482 output CVBS to MIPI TXA with 4 lane?

I think ADV748x cannot output MIPI-4 lane with 480i.

Is my understanding correct?



If Q1's answer "Yes", changing num_lane is enough?


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