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ADATE305 OVD does not go High

Question asked by katsu on Jul 6, 2017
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OVD does not go High. Please provide any advice.


 #68 pin: OVD_CH0 and #8 pin: OVD_CH1 does not go High.


 1) Is OVD_CH0 and OVD_CH1 open drain? (Pull-up is applied in our PCB.)


 2) Following register setting correct? (It is expected that OVD_CH0 and OVD_CH1 goes High by following register setting.)
   ADDRESS    DATA       description
   0x01              0x2332     Set DVH to +3.0V.
   0x0A              0x1FFF    Set OVD high level to +2.5V.
   0x12               0x001      Enable OVD alarm flag.


 3) Please advise if there are other points to consider.


Additional information:
 Reading ADDRESS 0x13 by changing input signal state:
    1 = DUT voltage > OVD high voltage
    0 = DUT voltage < OVD high voltage
 Above states are observed, however OVD_CH0 and OVD_CH1 output is Low level in both cases.


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