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Does EV-ADF4159EB1Z support RS422 input instead of using USB?

Question asked by lee911 on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by icollins


Now we are trying to use the EV-ADF4159EB1Z board with RS422  instead of using USB,

As you can see the below image, the evaluation board is using USB for connecting to PC.

But I need  another way of using interface to RS422.

Would you please let me know, can I use RS422 interface instead of using USB?  If can, Would you please give me a advice and reference design guide?


because EV-ADF4159EB1Z is using with Analog Devices's PLL Software to control that evaluation board, so if I can use RS422, then I need to know how to control the EV-ADF4159EB1Z's register set by using RS422 or another MCU(Micro Controller Unit)