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Which is the Default AGC Mode?

Question asked by light_spark on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by travisfcollins


I'm totally a beginner, naive who is working on ettus USRPB210  board. It has an inbuilt AD9361 chip. Now when enabling the AGC function in it, which mode of AGC(Slow attack mode/ Fast attack mode) will be set as default?.

I'm attaching a fragment of source code of enabling AGC. Please help me out.


 void set_rx_agc(bool enable, size_t chan = 0)
        if (chan != ALL_CHANS){
            if (_tree->exists(rx_rf_fe_root(chan) / "gain" / "agc" / "enable")) {
                _tree->access<bool>(rx_rf_fe_root(chan) / "gain" / "agc" / "enable").set(enable);
            } else {
                UHD_LOGGER_WARNING("MULTI_USRP") << "AGC is not available on this device." ;
        for (size_t c = 0; c < get_rx_num_channels(); c++){
            this->set_rx_agc(enable, c);