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Output Protection Circuit for AD5755 ?

Question asked by VAV on Oct 18, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by JerryS

Hi ,


As mentioned in the datasheet of AD5755 ,

The Transient Voltage protection circuit for Current Output following components are required :-

External power diodes , transient voltage suppressors & surge current limiting resistor , as shown in Figure 84 of Datasheet .


->What are the recommended power ratings and part no. of the above components ?


Also In case of Voltage outputs , the recommended protection circuit must have following components as per Application note CN-6005 :-

A TVS diode , Non-Conductive ceremic ferrite bead , and power diodes.


-> What are the recommanded part no. of the above components ?

Can we use a TVS diode of  Vbr 15V ?




Regards !!