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Can I access TigerSharc DSP processor directly with PC without glueless interfacing to FPGA?

Question asked by mandan on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan


I am working on designing of a test board which involves both FPGA(Xilinx- Kintex 7) and DSP(Tiger Sharc) based signal processing. Now the end user wants to access the DSP processor programming options/ boot configuration through the host PC itself. As I went through the datasheets of these devices I got the idea that I'll have to use PPLP for the communication purposes with FPGA. My question is that- Is there any device or connector which supports communication for DSP processor with host PC Such as PPLP to USB(- Is this a good idea to use)? My current goal of the system design is to implement any way to directly access the chain of DSPs from host PC apart from the FPGA since it causing a bit of delay. I am looking for any device or IC which could drive the communication with DSPs' link port to any suitable protocol of PC (Could be UART, USB, ethernet anything which can communicate with PC since PCs don't have link port access...)- much like FTDI2232 which drives USB to UART\FIFO.

Would really appreciate if anyone has any good and concise idea about this kind of devices.