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(ADuM4223)Surge isolation voltage.

Question asked by donadona999s on Jul 5, 2017
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Hi !


I have already asked about ADuM4223.

(ADuM4223)Table 9. ADuM4223 VDE Characteristics 

But I want to make sure about this so let my ask one more time.



I want to say to my customer that ADuM4223 can support 6.25kV  Characteristics.

Can I say this and send e-mail to my customer?

This is very important for my customer because maybe they will say this to their OEM.



Our customer want to know more detail of the surge conditions.

They want to know the waveform.


Is this the surge test waveform? 

I'm little bit confusing because this waveform is VISOM vs TIME.

And ADuM4223 Characteristics is 6kV (6.25kV).

But the conditions is 10kV.

So I think this wave form is not for 10kV test conditions.

Can you show kind of waveform how to apply  10kV?
What is Vpeak?



To test the surge isolation voltage , do you short to each side all pin GND ?



Best regards