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can not download ldr to flash

Question asked by HeRay on Jul 5, 2017
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C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\ADVisionSensorController-PI-Rel1.0.2\GUI\Flash>"C:/Analog Devices/CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.6.0/cldp.exe" -proc ADSP-BF707 -emu 1000 -driver "D:\Workspace\CCES\2.6.0\w25q32bv_dpia\Debug\w25q32bv_dpia.dxe" -cmd prog -erase all -format hex -file VOS_realtime_BLIP2.ldr
Target Blackfin CS Emulator
Platform ADSP-BF707 via ICE-1000
Processor ADSP-BF707
Core 0
Driver D:\Workspace\CCES\2.6.0\w25q32bv_dpia\Debug\w25q32bv_dpia.dxe
Error: [TpsdkServer] Failed to connect to processor.

Error: 0x80048015
Error Description: Initialization: Open device driver failed



ADSP-BF707-BLIP2 board.

a few days ago, i download Power_On_Self_Test.ldr to flash is OK, but now other ldf file failed. why?