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AD9649-20EBZ : The power supply of U105 is different from the schematics(Rev.B)

Question asked by ysuzuki on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by ysuzuki

Hello ,


Our customer purchaced 2-units of AD9649-20EBZ.

The customer saids that the LDO of U105 is different from schematic Rev.B .

ADP1706ARDZ-1.8 is mounted as U105, this LDO is a same as U104.

Both of t he 2-units are the same.

I have had the BOM list from AD9629-20EBZ BOM list 

In this list, the U105 is ADP1706-ARDZ-1.8-R7.


Does the schematics(Rev.B) is wrong ?


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