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Xilinx JESD core vs. ADI JESD core

Question asked by CodeWarrior on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by swaxman

Hi all,


Hoping someone could clear something up for me... Working with the AD9371, and ADI has developed a whole slew of JESD204 interface cores, specifically:

  1. axi_adxcvr_v1_0
  2. util_adxcvr_v1_0
  3. ADI JESD204B Receive AXI Interface
  4. ADI JESD204 Receive
  5. ADI JESD204B Transmit AXI Interface
  6. ADI JESD204 Transmit


What is the recommendation in terms of using these vs. the Xilinx JESD PHY and core? I already have the Xilinx license, so cost isn't relevant to this particular application.