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ADV7611's I2C programming example Request

Question asked by Sercan on Jul 3, 2017
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In order to get HDMI output from the ADV7511,

  * I am using the I2C_Sender module given at the below link. You can also find this module's vdhl code at the attachments.

        Zedboard HDMI v2 - Hamsterworks Wiki! 

  * Where there is a 100 MHz clock-in and where module programs the Adv7511.


I am making an HDMI IN/OUT project which will insert some basic drawings to the HDMI-In and will give HDMI-Out from an ADV7611.

At this project i am using ZedBoard (that has ADV7511) and Digilent's FMC-HDMI Daughter Card (that has ADV7611).



I don't have enough time to study & learn the I2C programming in details.

So, does any one can offer me how to program ADV7611?


--- OR

If I design a programmer module like adv7511 example I mentioned,

I see,

I have to use ADV7611 addresses as 98, 68 and so on?


Is there a limitaion like "after changing address from 98 to 68 for example, do i have to wait for a while?"

And can you please inform me about the critical points about the "ADV7611's I2C_Programmer module design" issue? 


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& Sorry for my lazy-to-research,