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Data capture problem and configuring in AD9279

Question asked by dg_7 on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by AshrafS
I have been working on Analog Devices AD9279 board and have some issues while capturing the data.I have also look into internet for the same and have,nt got the desired answer.
I used Visual analog and SPI controller softwares for capturing the input data given to AD9279. But,  the input what i gave to the board is not getting captured in visual analog. I've tried sevaral times and looked for several discussion forms so that i can get my problem solved.I donot the exact reason behind this problem. Are there any substitute boards for AD9279.


Can you please suggest some method / technique to capture the input data given to ADC to display it exactly on Visual analog


It would be appreciable if you can give me contacts of people who have worked with this ADC board or else some demo videos on this particualr board.There are some 3 videos avalable on youtube b Analog Devices official channel but, they didn't help me at all.


Please , kindly help me in this issues as soon as possible.