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Adding a system generator  block to projects  fmcomms2/zed.

Question asked by fpgageek on Jul 1, 2017
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Adding a system generator firfilter block to projects  fmcomms2/zed.


Hi, We are involve in a project and we have recently bought a few  fmcomms3. Our goal is to build on top of AD given IPs  and if we succeed we will buy more of these as we need to deliver a task which involves several devices. However, so far we are discovering that there is not much help in modifying the existing IPs using Vivado.


I am posting a pdf (attached file u need to zoom to see clearly every block) of slightly modified vivado design project  fmcomms2/zed.   I have simply put a basic firfilter system generator block in between util_ad9361_adc_fifo and util_ad9361_adc_pack with one connection also going to clkdiv_reset.   Hoever, bit generation of design gives error. can anyone point to the mistake/mistakes. I have previously worked with other system generator blocks incorporated with vivado design and they work fine but for this one i dont know as there are no examples.


I would be grateful if u can help me.