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ADV7511W Registers read 0x13 and Doesn't read EDID

Question asked by rshahrokhshahi on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal



I am using ADV7511W in my board, interfaced with ADV9983A to implement a VGA to HDMI convertor. I program the ADV7511W registers (which I receive the ACK for all), but when I read the same registers back; they all read 0x13. The interrupt pin is pull low, and have no output on TMSD pins.

As an experiment, I pulled the PD pin high, and tried to write and read back the registers (while in PD mode); instead of 0x13 I read back 0x73.


I also used the script for the evaluation board to program the chip on my board; but yet I don't have any output, registers read back 0x13, and interrupt pin is pulled low.


It also doesn't read the EDID from the EEPROM. looking at the DDC lines with the oscilloscope, it looks like the SDA is trying to start something, but immediately stops (pulled back high). 

I have purchased your evaluation board, and I was able program the same script, which I used for programming the chip on my board, and evaluation board work fine. 


I really appreciate any help you can provide...