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CCES + BF537 EZ-KIT init code not loading?

Question asked by kts on Jun 30, 2017
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New to CCES and I'm able to load executables into the device, and it boots nicely. But it seems that init code is not doing anything, e.g. cclk and sclk remain at their nominal values, 250MHz and 50MHz respectively. Everything was working fine using VDSP++ and debug mode.


I'm using init code from C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.6.0\Blackfin\ldr\init_code\BF537_init\ezkitBF537_initcode\ and using the dxe download procedure described in EE372.


Looking at the init code asm, I see that the code is supposed to set clocks such that sclk is ~131MHz. I can change the PLL and DIV settings in my code, but It would be nice if everything was done by init code, which I believe it's supposed to do? Than I wouldn't have to worry about EBIU settings either.


Not sure if this is enough info, but why is the init code not executing?