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ADL5205 Maximum input voltage swing

Question asked by tomlea on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by bernardr

I'm looking to use the ADL5205 Dual digital VGA but am confused by the rated input swing in the datasheet.


In Table 1 Page 3 it shows "Maximum input swing: 8 Vp-p" in the input stage section

In Table 3 Page 6 "Absolute Maximum Ratings" it says:

-"Input Voltage (VINx+, VINX-): -0.5V to +3.1V"

-"Differential Input Voltage((VINX+)-(VINX-)): +/- 1V"


So how can the input swing be 8 Vp-p with an absolute maximum differential voltage of +/- 1V?

Is there a mistake in the datasheet or am I misunderstanding this?


Thank you