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ColorConv_bf707 dead in adi_stdio_USBD_InitUsb()

Question asked by HeRay on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Kader.M

i have one BF707-Blip2 board, i use CCES to compile the project "ColorConv_bf707". compile is OK.

but when in debug mode, lines ouptut


Loading application: "D:\Workspace\CCES\2.6.0\examples\imageprocessingtoolbox.blackfin_2.4.0\colorconv(707)\Example\adsp-bf707-CCES\colorconv_bf707\Debug\colorconv_bf707.dxe"
Load complete.

Core clock: 384000000 Hz
System clock: 192000000 Hz
System clock 0: 96000000 Hz
System clock 1: 192000000 Hz


then i run command next in PC


hostapp -u

<host> start servicing USBIO



CCES output is 


pUSBCB->u32_Command = 2.
pUSBCB->u32_Command = 7.
USBIO_TaskStart begin.



the application dead in the code "Result = adi_stdio_USBD_InitUsb();" 



where can i do something ?