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AD9854 SPI lines not up, no responds from the chip

Question asked by arunkuttath on Jun 30, 2017
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My AD9854 chip is not responding .

I communicated using the SPI protocol.

My crystal is 100MHz (ASEM1-100.000MHZ-LC-T from Abracon LLC)

But  i think im not getting the crystal frequency to the AD9854, when i tried to probe it. My crystal might be damaged during the time of soldering.

1) So if the crystal is not working fine can i communicate with the SPI communication?


2)When i roamed around the link in EngineerZone AD9854 SPI programming , in the question part the questioner used the parallel port D5 ----> SDIO_Buffer_enable. What is meant by the SDIO Buffer enable he meant here? i'm  confused with the question.(He is also used SPI)



I would like to use the chip AD9854 and AD9912 for a long period and i haven't get any responds from both the chips.

If the chip is up then i can use the same for many projects and products that we are planning to use.




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