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During the operating a Sweep Function of DDS function,

Question asked by Jammerman on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by mcee

During the operating a Sweep Function of DDS function, 

DDS function does not operate normally.

Could you let us know what the problem is?

Setting value is as below.

I input 3.5GHz clock.




Could you please let us know the checkpoint of its output problem?


Secondly, could you teach us how to use "Enable Frequency Jump" ?

I have set it as above following picture, but the jumping on the spectrum is not shown on the above picture.

All I want is as follows.

the frequency spectrum of 100-200MHz and 300-500MHz are to be shown under the condition of above picture setting.

Could you guide us how to successfully carry this out?



I am looking forward to hearing from you.