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[Picozed SDR] Problem receiving signal

Question asked by RicardoSRL on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by RicardoSRL


Im working with a PicoZed SDR with an AD9361, and right now im trying to transmit a signal (sine signal) from the Tx1 and conect it to the Rx1. 


I'm using the ADC_capture to get the adc values and then print them. 


The problem is: i get the signal i want to transmit without connect the Tx1 to the Rx1. 


I believe its something about the loopback feacture and internaly the Tx is already conected to the Rx also it ignores the signal that is received in the SMA Port of the Rx1.


Already check the bist_loopback_mode is set to zero, so the loopback should not happen.


I cant understand why i'm receiving the signal when there is no signal conected to the Rx1 SMA port. Also the signal I receive have less amplitude then the original.



Thanks for your time