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Host Interface: Sending SS boot loader

Question asked by yair_raz on Jun 28, 2017

I'm using the ADAS-21489-EZ board with SigmaStudio for SHARC. I can operate it perfectly.

My goal is to be able to control the on-board SHARC with a host CPU the same way that the SigmaStudio is doing (e.g. boot, send applications, parameters, etc...).

The SigmaStudio manuals cover (to some extent) how to interface a host CPU with the SHARC using the SPI protocol (e.g. the SHARC is a SPI slave).

However, the manual does not cover how to send the boot loader (e.g ss_app_sh489.ldr to the target.


  1. Do you have any document, or better, C source code, that describe how should a SPI master send this boot loader to the SHARC device and start it operation (so the SHARC will now wait for the SS application)?
  2. Do you have any additional documentation or C source code that implements the SigmaStudio loader for the application (e.g. rent, version, application, parameters, control, etc...).


Yair Raz