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Error received "Calibration TIMEOUT (0x287, 0x2)" when setting LO Freq other than 2.4GHz

Question asked by minersrevolt on Jun 28, 2017
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I am attempting to build a no os platform for TX only with the fmcomms3 and zedboard. I am altering the following parameters:


typedef struct{
uint8_t chn_1_en_dis; // 1 en, 0 dis
uint8_t chn_2_en_dis; // 1 en, 0 dis
uint32_t tx_atten_chn_1_mdb;
uint32_t tx_atten_chn_2_mdb;
uint32_t tx_rf_bw_hz;
uint64_t tx_lo_freq_hz;
uint8_t tx_fir_en_dis;


I am able to transmit however when I use a lo frequency other than 2.4GHz I receive the following error message,


Calibration TIMEOUT (0x287, 0x2)


What would cause this error? The function call :


/* set LO */
if(settings.chn_1_en_dis == 1 || settings.chn_2_en_dis == 1){
status = ad9361_set_tx_lo_freq(ad9361_phy,settings.tx_lo_freq_hz);
printf("%s LO to %llu Hz\n\r", status == 0 ? "Successfully set" : "Failed to set",settings.tx_lo_freq_hz);


It still returns a success even though I get that error message so I'm not sure if there is a problem or not...


I am using the internal oscillator and based on another form post it seems I may need to reference it directly in the device initialization? I use the ad9361_dig_tune function first and it reports back a success as well.