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ZC706+ADRV9371 cannot generate .bit file

Question asked by manlikewind on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by manlikewind

Dear All,

I want to use ZC706+ADRV9371 to develop a simple application, but when I use vivado to complie the HDL code that is downloaded from github, I meet a problem as attachment.

The version of vivado is vivado 2016.2

The version of HDL code is hdl-2016_R2

The operation procedure as follow:

①Succeeded compling the IP library manually although there's some warning, including critical warning.

②In the vivado TCL console, run 

source ./hdl-2016_R2/projects/adrv9371x/zc706/system_project.tcl


How can I solve the problem?