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AD9361 Filter Design Wizard

Question asked by harshaEZ on Jun 27, 2017
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Hii ,




1)How to set the gain to constant instead of varying AGC (changing gain ) in the simulink model?


I have an input signal at a frequency of 1090 Mhz  and I Measure the output from the AD9361 "In out DBFS scaling"   block  and I added the absolute magnitude block to obtain the magnitude and then taking all these values into a simout block to the matlab workspace into an array(power obtained for all the signals during the entire simulation time) and average the vales in the array to get the average power(shown in image1 attached.)


Is this the correct way to get the output power?



But then I have a different/ irregular output values for different input powers.


Input power (dbm)Output power(dbm)



Are these values correct? why do i get such irregular output powers  can i make the gain constant so that the output power varies constantly (linealry )   input power.




please let me know how to make gain constant inside AD9361 model