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connecting SRAM to BF518

Question asked by chagai on Oct 16, 2011
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I need help regarding how to operate a SRAM with BF518.
I'm using the BF518f and connected it to a SRAM 1MB = (512X16) CY6215EV30. I'm using the ASYNC outputs:
A1-A19 , D0-D15 , AMS0n,  AREn, AWEn. I read the Hardware reference the chapter about the EBIU and the AMC and configured the AMC registers so I will use Bank0. - I attached a figure.

My goal is to make the external SRAM chip 'glue-less', and have the same functionality as the internal SRAM.
I want the application to recognize that it has more memory (exactly like it does when I check the 'use external SDRAM' box in the project options.
I'm probably still missing software support:
1)  How do get the data from the processor to the external SRAM?
2) Looking at the architecture I think I have to use the PAB (Peripheral) / EAB (External)  Access Bus or the  / DEB  (DMA) to bring the data to the AMC (part of the EBIU). I did not find any examples on how to do so.
3) I tried to use the examples of the parallel FLASH from the evaluation board (which is connected similarly) but did not succeed. Is that the right direction?

I'm not a very experienced software engineer.. so please make it simple and easy :-)