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ADV7511 Embedded Sync Settings Off

Question asked by hoehna on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by GuenterL

We are using the ADV7511 and have it set for embedded sync inputs with 8-bit 4-2-2 data.  It appears the settings from Table 35 on page 58 of the programming guide Rev E-1 are slightly off.  We had to make the following changes to Register 0x33 in the main map:

720P50 - 0x18  (recommended 0x14)

720P60 - 0x18  (recommended 0x14)

1080i25 - 0x0c  (recommended 0x08)

1080i30 - 0x0c (recommended 0x08)

1080P60 -0x14 (recommended 0x10)

1080P50 -0x14 (recommended 0x10)


With this change the output HDMI ports are now in compliance.  Not sure about the other resolution as these are the only ones we use.


Is there any particular reason why this register had to be changed?