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Synchronization of ADIS16488

Question asked by GeorgeKang on Jun 27, 2017
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Like this article, 

synchronization of the ADIS16488 with GPS 

I also have a GPSR/IMU integrated system with the requirement of the synchronization. The sampling rate of ADIS16488 will be 200HZ, which should be synchronized with the GPSR PPS signal. However, I am confused about the meaning of the Sync clock in ADIS16488 datasheet. 

According to the description of datasheet, 





When using the external clock option (FNCTIO_CTRL[7:4], see Ta b l e  117),

the input clock drives a 4-sample burst at a sample rate of 9.84kSPS,

which feeds into the 4x averaging/decimation filter.This results in a

data rate that is equal to the input clock frequency.


the data rate of ADIS16488 is controlled by the Sync Clock, right? Does it also mean the frequency of Data ready  equals to the Sync clock?  


Besides, I also have a question about the timing diagram.

In timing diagram, the Data Ready signal is triggered earlier than Sync Clock, which means the sensor data is ready before the Sync clock signal. It is odd and there should be something I miss. Could you help me clarify this?