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Using AD6688/AD9208 in Sub-class 0 Mode

Question asked by spraju87 on Jun 27, 2017
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As we do not require deterministic latency for our application (spectrum analyzer), we are planning to set-up the JESD204B interface between the ADC and FPGA in sub-class 0 mode. We use Xilinx Kintex ultrascale FPGA for base-band processing. Also, the ADC configuration/sampling rate is such that, the lane rates can be as high as 12.5 Gbps


Although, the data sheet of the ADCs and Xilinx JESD IP core say that sub-class 0 mode is supported, I would like to confirm the following :

1) Does operating the JESD204B in sub-class 0 mode have any side effects that we should be aware of ?

2) Does it affect the lane rate in any way ?

3) Can I leave the SYSREF pins floating if I only need sub-class 0 operation ? (the data sheet says so)

4) Since AD6688/AD9208 have dual ADC cores, does not having SYSREF cause any issues in the alignment of samples between these two ADC cores on the Rx side (FPGA) ?